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    STEP 1
    Exact wording to be used on the logo
    Example: Walkers OR Walker and Son Limited OR Walkers, Boots for people going places.
    Does the words on your Company name have a specific meaning ?
    Slogan / motto if you want to include (optional)
    What Is Your Brand Personality? (optional)
    Objects or images you want to include (optional)
    Example: animals for a zoo

    STEP 2
    Short description of product / service / organization
    Competitors and similar business (optional)
    If you would like us to look at any of your competitors web sites or those who have similar business to yours please provide their web address where we can see examples of their logos and style of presentation:
    Logos you like and why
    Provide us the logos you like and tell us why. This will help us understand your taste better and also the style you are looking for your Company. You can also take a look at our website portfolio where you will find a wide range of styles.
    Provide us the logos you like

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    Logos you dislike and why
    Provide us the logos you dislike and tell us why.
    Provide us the logos you dislike

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    Do´s (optional)
    Dont´s (optional)

    STEP 3
    Logo Categories. Font or Icon Based?

    Just font without symbolic intervention

    A calligraphic, handwriten or script font.

    A font with tweak that symbolize company/product/service.

    Monogram with company name initials.

    Company name inside/squares / ovals / rectangles or combines Shapes.

    A synthetic symbol that represents your company in subtle way.

    A detailed illustrated silhouette.

    A geometric symbol that clearly represent an element.

    An illustrated symbol that clearly represend element.

    A specific illustration.

    A character representing your company

    A detailed crest or seal with just text or maybe including graphic.

    STEP 4
    Logo Style



    STEP 5
    Any other information you consider important to mention (optional)
    How did you hear about us ? )